Connected Level

Catalysts of Change

After the inception of digitization and automation, comes the extension of capability through connectivity. Within the packaging function, integrating separate packaging software applications together simplifies the flow of information and work for individuals and project leaders. At this level, packaging software and hardware are continuously integrated with the other business processes and systems of record.


This gives everyone involved greater visibility and better feedback about the flow of work through the packaging value chain. Leadership harnesses the power of their value chain to grow the business, those managing the process have nimble methods of prioritizing work and adapting to resource changes, and those executing packaging can plan their workload and deliver consistently to the brand’s expectations.

Companies that aspire to higher packaging maturity levels may do so because they are changing their business model. This could be to launch or improve their direct-to-consumer business, to increase consumer and/or customer intimacy, to further decrease cost and the time it takes to get products to market, or because they simply want to blaze the trail for the industry and enjoy the business benefits of being a world-class leader.


These different rationales all include packaging as a high priority growth vector for the company, leveraging the responsiveness the organization has built to improve their ability to get products to consumers quickly and with high brand integrity.