Digitized level

When the “work harder” strategy is no longer working, it’s time to work smarter. At the Digitized level, teams have moved their processes online and they execute many tasks using software and hardware within those processes. Packaging projects are tracked and managed digitally and quality is measured objectively using hardware and software.


At left, Leadership gains visibility and control, allowing the business as a whole to be more responsive to changes that affect their products. Examples of these changes may be new or revised regulatory requirements or emerging trends in consumer preferences for certain flavors, scents, colors or ingredients. With fit-for-purpose tools holding up the process throughout the packaging value chain, the whole system gains agility and confidence to deliver packaging to market quickly and with high quality.

Catalysts of Change

Moving up to the next level can be spurred by process participants who have a voice as to the quality of the tools needed to do their work. In our experience, once teams get a taste of digitization and the automation that accompanies it, they hunger for more efficiency. They start asking why it takes so many clicks to navigate between software tools, why they have to re-enter data into different systems, why data can’t just flow from step to step, why tools are not connected to each other to allow for deeper automation and time savings.


At this level, the Information Technology department may want to connect workflows across the organization or integrate systems for further automation and to preserve data veracity. As they pursue more data, speed and efficiencies organizations pull themselves up a level to Connected.