Organized Level

Catalysts of Change

Packaging operations that have taken measures to purposefully address their process architecture and gain some control back from third parties have achieved the Organized maturity level. At this level, teams often occupy one physical location. Packaging projects and tasks are triggered by defined processes and timelines for execution by established stakeholders. Quality is measured physically and teams use basic computerized tools available to most consumers.


At left, the Leadership motivates people with the fear of errors without actual insight into the operation. At center, teams have invested in crafting a strong, albeit analog, process. At right, the ability to deliver packaging to market relies on analog processes throughout the value chain, with little visibility or control over third party contributions.

Motivation to move from Organized to Digitized usually emerges from an internal source close to the process. For instance, a new employee enters the packaging operation with dramatically different experiences and expectations of what is possible. Whether that individual is a packaging engineer, a coordinator, or the CEO, the raised expectations of short lead times and high quality data can make that person an emissary of a new way of doing things.


Regardless of who instigates the change, moving up to Digitized is usually a result of a combination of these three forces: a headcount freeze, a timeline constraint like a regulatory deadline, or a demand for higher quality than can be achieved by analog, subjective and work-harder methods.